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    About US

    A short profile:


    Sumex Garment Ltd. ( Garments Manufacturing Unit, Knit & Woven)


    Sumex Design Room (Garment Design & Sample makingStudio)  



    Sumex Garment is based in Nanjing,China.

    Set up in 2005 Sumex Garment acts to execute production for woven, knit garments. 

    Our 350 staff contains a large and experienced team in Development, Technical , Production

    and Quality Departments. 


    During its time in Nanjing Sumex Garment has built up extensive knowledge and experience

    of the local market suppliers. This  is the type of invaluable knowledge and support 

    necessary for foreign buyers entering this  market who seek a competent and reliable

    partner for the successful execution of their business goals. 


    Sumex manages a modern factory in order ensure the satisfaction of the ever 

    increasing demands of our clients. 


    -Fitting section: is equipped with an Investronica pattern machine and modern fitting 



    -Showroom: displays the latest fashion trends around the world that we have produced for 

    our clients and an extensive range of designs complete with technical specifications is 

    made available to clients. 


    -Design: our subsidiary company Sumex Design is a services sample room comprises of a 

    team of textile professionals including designers, pattern masters and textile technicians. 

    This team forms the creative and technical core of Sumex and designs collection every reason. 


    To facilitate the flow of information between our office and clients ,Sumex has established

    an efficient system that runs from the initial design and development samples produced 

    by our sample section  right through to the final factory fit sample approved before 

    production.  This system of collaboration controls the development of each model to 

    ensure that it satisfies the strict clients criteria. 


    Sumex Garment (Established – Year 2005)  


     01. Services Ranges:

     I)    Manufacturing & Quality Control for International Brands 

    II)    Export of Textile Articles

    III)   Quality Assurance 

    IV)   Associates Garment Factory.



     02. Types of Product:

    I) Woven:

    Trousers, Jacket incl.softshell  

    overcoat, Raincoat, windbreaker, etc in both 

    Funtional & Basic styles


    II) Knit:

    T-shirt,bike wear,running wear 



    Heat Transfer prints, Flock prints, Puff prints Rubberized, 

    0Petrol, High density, Rotary prints. Print with Diamond 

    beads/sequins & Reflective embossed prints.



    Are available with die & cut shapes, 3D Embroidery, Rubber 

    Embroidery & many more.        


    Normal Lead Time 30-60 days (Local knit

    Fabrics) 90-100  days (Imported Woven & Knit Fabrics)  


    All type of color fastness testing, Physical Testing, Appearance 

    Retention Testing, Dimensional Stability Testing, Fiber 

    Content, Spirility/ Skew/Twisting, AZO etc,  are testing from

    “MTL/ITS/SGS/BV” as per Buyer requirement. 




    T/T,Irrevocable & Transferable sight L/C, D/P at sight


     Yearly Export Turnover     11 Million USD 


     Official Recognition        Associate Member of BSCI,and NEXT/UK BRAND.


     Equipment in sample Section:       

    I)     Investronica – Model-P2000, Series –P7202157A,   

    II)     Digitizer / Drawing Board: Model-34480,   Series-4ES3584753, USA

    III)    Plain Machine 

    IV)    Thread Over lock 

    V)    Button whole Lock Stitch 

    VI)    Kansai 

    VII)   Bar tack 

    VIII)  Feed of the Arm 

    IX)   Snap Button 

    X)    Belt Loop

    XI)   Steam Iron 


    Sumex Garment Factory (The Manufacturing Unit, Knit & Woven)  

    (Established - Year 2009)  


    Total Floor area about 9,000 Square fit.  

    Maximum Capacity:62,000 Pcs. of Knit & 30,000 Pcs of Woven per month


    Keeping the environmental and decent labor practice issues in mind, the building has been

    designed in a manner that satisfies both local and international legal requirements that are

    necessary for responsible manufacturing.


    Each of the manufacturing units is equipped with independent QC cell.

    Every unit has its own pattern making and sample making set-up. 

    All the units use Japan / Korea origin modern garment machinery and equipment.

    Group has Computer Aided Design (CAD ) system for speedy and accurate marking and Pattern making. 


    Some special features of all apparel manufacturing units:  



    The factory has been specializing in specific apparel making only since 

    inception. This endeavor has enabled the Group to earn a lot of fame in a very short time

    and put it on a leading position of the trade in the field of garment making. 


    Sumex has now become very well known to the customers’ community for its 

    excellent workmanship in its product. We believes that harder task is ahead to 

    keep it up. And "to keep it up” now is the motto and motivation behind all efforts.


    All major units have separate training centers for workers and staff. All workers and staff

    undergo training session in a regular basis. Training program is designed according to

    the need assessed for us. 



    Following brand we do:



     AUSTRIA :  Hervis sports incl. Benger,Kilmanjaro,Cygus

     NORWAY:   Umbro,Magasinet,



     ITALY  :    FILA


    Ethical Trading Practice


    Ethical principles apply to all facilities of Sumex that produce Readymade Garments

    for exporting to foreign countries. 


    Sumex Group recognizes that there are legal and cultural  environments in  which factories 

    operate. These ethical principles set forth the basic requirements of Sumex factories in order 

    to do business with its customers abroad. 


    Sumex makes ceaseless effort to promote best practices and continuous improvement of

    ethical issues  in all its manufacturing units. For easy access to the issues, Sumex posted

    contents in the Notice Boards of factories in both Bangla and English.


    The issues are:


    Principle 1 – Laws & Regulation:


    Sumex facilities operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in 

    which they manufacture. 


    Principle 2 – Employment Age: 


    Workers may not be younger than 18 years of age.  


    Principle 3 – Forced Labor:


    Sumex facilities do not use involuntary or forced labor – indentured, bonded or otherwise.


    Principle 4 – Wage and Benefits:


    Sumex facilities compensate their employees fairly by providing compensation packages 

    comprising wages and benefits that, at the very least, comply with legally mandated 

    minimum standards. Each employee is provided with a clear, written accounting for each pay 

    period. Employees are compensated for overtime according to local law.


    Principle 5 – Hours of Work:


    Sumex facilities ensure employees’ hours worked shall not, on a regularly scheduled basis,

    exceed the legal limitations on regular and overtime hours in the jurisdiction in which they 

    manufacture or 60 hours per week including overtime. Except in extraordinary  business 

    circumstances, all employees are entitled to one day off in every seven-day period.


    Principle 6 – Health and Safety:


    Sumex facilities provide their employees with a clean, safe and healthy work environment, 

    designed to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of or occurring during the 

    course of work. All Sumex facilities comply with all applicable, legally mandated standards for 

    workplace health and safety. All the workers  and staff enjoy free medical treatment.

    Company doctors are available full time.


    Principle 7 – Discrimination:


    Sumex respects cultural differences, employment – including hiring, remuneration, benefits, 

    advancement, termination and retirement based on ability and not on belief or any other 

    personal characteristics. Sumex facilities do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, colour, 

    national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or similar factors.   



    Principle 8 – Harassment:


    Sumex facilities treat all employees with respect and dignity. Sumex facilities do not subject

    employees to corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or 



    Principle 9 – Woman’s Rights :


    Sumex facilities ensure women workers receive equal treatment in all aspects of their 

    employment. Pregnancy test is not a condition of employment, and pregnancy testing – to 

    the extent provided by Sumex facilities – will be at the option of the worker. Employees are

    not exposed to hazards that may endanger their reproductive health, and employees are not 

    forced to use contraception. Fully equipped CRECHES are available for the female workers 

    having babies. 


    Principle 10 – Monitoring and Compliance:


    Sumex facilities maintain on site all documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with 

    Global Compliance Principles. Sumex and its subsidiaries  undertake affirmative measures,

    such as announced and unannounced on-site inspections of production facilities, to monitor 

    compliance with Global Compliance Principles. Sumex facilities allow customer’s

    representatives full access to production facilities, employee records and employees for 

    confidential interviews in connection with monitoring visits. In addition Sumex facilities

    respond promptly to reasonable inquiries by  customer representatives concerning the 

    subjects addressed in an audit. 









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